Family Affair Friday(ish): Season 1, Episode 29, “The Award,” 5/2/1969

Whatever happened to Brian Keith?

Embarrassing Treasures

Welcome to this Easter weekend edition of Family Affair Friday! Best wishes to everyone who is celebrating the holiday.

Written by: Edmund Beloin and Henry Garson. Directed by: William D. Russell.


This week’s Davis family adventure opens upon a gushing Cissy.

She’s telling a friend about a brilliant and successful male of her acquaintance. Uncle Bill assumes she’s talking about a boyfriend, but when she hangs up, she tells him that he was the subject of her conversation. She’s impressed by the huge, gaudy trophy he’s received for “best achievement in construction engineering.”

Bill is irritated to learn that Buffy and Jody are attending a Punch and Judy show with Mr. French. It’s Thursday, Mr. French’s day off.

French shows an unusually soft side here. “They’re nice kids,” he says.

“You kids have got to stop thinking about yourselves all the time,” he tells them. Making himself unavailable…

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